It is a yarn designed for the most demanding markets. In one thread we assembled the most prized properties in the technical apparel.

Due to its elastic construction of multifilament, it offers good touch, extraordinary breathability by the principle of capillarity and air pockets that form between its filaments provide thermal control of the garment.


SoftAir Plus is a fiber that transmits a natural silky feel to the body. As the softness of it is main features.
SoftAir Plus is an elastic fiber which ensures high comfort, freedom of movement and a great adaptability to the body.


SoftAir Plus is a fiber that transports moisture to the outside for this to evaporate, being this process faster than natural fibers and other synthetic fibers. SoftAir Plus keep dry the body, increasing comfort and performance even in extreme conditions.


SoftAir Plus is an intelligent fiber. Depending on the use and conditions, provides cool or heat the body.
SoftAir Plus, in hot conditions or high physical performance, acts as a heat exchanger, expelling body heat and absorbing the freshness from outside.
SoftAir Plus under cold conditons or low of physical performance works as thermal insulation. Keeping the heat stable and preventing loss of body heat.


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