A new fiber for new horizons of physical well-being.

tecno·p·e represents the next generation of polyester 100% thread of high performance for moisture management, cool, low formation of piling and comfort. Garments made with the new tecno.pe are designed for use in all sports and leisure.


Tecno·p·e can immediately transport the moisture away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric, where it can easily evaporate.

Tecno.p.e helps to move out the body heat, keeping the body cool with a pleasant sense of wellbeing.

Tecno·p·e has a low formation of piling, increasing production in the knitting phase and extends the life of the garments.


To improve the antibacterial properties without sacrificing the performance characteristics of the finished fabric, has been developed tecno·p·e silver enriched with silver particles.


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